KLARNET – virtuoso management system!
KLARNET – virtuoso management system!

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System core

The system core – standard of stability 

The system core includes the most essential modules which ensure the system stability.

Core components:

Page caching protects the website and is search engine friendly

KLARNET® content management system supports intellectual page caching. This functionality significantly reduces the server load on high-traffic websites and facilitates site indexing by search engines.

Multilanguage support – the site becomes a polyglot

This functionality makes it easy to create multi-language versions of the website. Design and site structure remain the same – it takes just a few mouse clicks to make a clone of a website in another language.

Visual editor – everything is in full view

Visual editor makes content creation and editing a golden dream of webmaster. No tags and no heavy code writing. Only the user-friendly interface similar to that of Microsoft Word, and your text.

Even a secretary can work with your company’s website, which means reducing project costs and increasing productivity.

Style manager makes texts attractive and matching the site design.

Meta-tags optimization system will help you successfully compete for the top positioning in search engines

This functionality makes it easy to create and edit meta-tags. Well-written meta-tags ensure correct site indexing and are fundamental for reaching top positions in search engines and being ahead of your competitors.