KLARNET – virtuoso management system!
KLARNET – virtuoso management system!

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Product features

KLARNET makes it easy to manage a complex website

KLARNET® CMS is an intellectual solution facing the future with confidence. It is scalable and based on the principles of growth and constant improvement. This is ensured by its modular structure – KLARNET® CMS is comprised of a system core и program modules.

Any new functionality can be added quickly and easily – an additional module is developed and integrated into the system core.

The system core – standard of stability

The system core includes the most essential modules which ensure the system stability.

Program modules – the system keeps up to date

The scalable modular structure of the CMS allows for continuous development and improvement. New goals? High objectives set for the website? Our specialists will develop a new module and integrate it into the system within a few days.

The main modules of the system are: