KLARNET – virtuoso management system!
KLARNET – virtuoso management system!

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Key benefits

KLARNET – harmony of intellect and efficiency

Key benefits of KLARNET® Content Management System:

  • Ease of use
    KLARNET® CMS features a simple, carefully thought-out and intuitive interface. Even a primary school kid can easily manage it.
  • Free updates
    One mouse click, and the system will automatically find and install the latest updates, new functional modules and extensions. All the updates are free.
  • Individual approach
    The system is always tuned up to your particular needs – not vice versa. The interface flexibility considers all peculiarities of website architecture and design.
  • Meta-tags optimization
    Search engine optimization becomes easy with KLARNET® – meta-tags can be edited individually for each page of the website.
  • Fast implementation
    It takes mere hours to implement the system and make it ready to manage the site. The fast implementation has been achieved due to a significant number of projects developed on the system.