KLARNET – virtuoso management system!
KLARNET – virtuoso management system!

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About the product

KLARNET – virtuoso management system!

Developed by the company Business Reklama, KLARNET® web content management system combines reliability, ease of use, and protection against any kinds of Internet threats.

KLARNET® CMS product is registered in the official Software Register of the Federal Institute for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks of the Russian Federation (certificate ¹ 2005611586 from 27.06.2005).

No special skills are required to work with the system. It is sufficient to have some basic computer knowledge.

KLARNET is fully featured and provides considerable benefits, making it possible to develop websites of any complexity: from simple corporate websites to multipurpose information portals.

The management system can be integrated with any kind of website design considering all peculiarities of project architecture. The system will be tuned up to work with a website – not vice versa.

KLARNET® CMS is an intellectual product facing the future with confidence. It is a scalable solution based on the principles of growth and constant improvement. This is ensured by its modular architecture – KLARNET® CMS is comprised of a system core and program modules.

KLARNET® CMS product is the intellectual property of its developers – Business Reklama Agency.