KLARNET – virtuoso management system!
KLARNET – virtuoso management system!

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System integration

KLARNET® content management system integrates with any kind of website design considering all peculiarities of project architecture.

As a result, the Client gets a ready to go turnkey website.

Integration process:

  • Creating the structure of a website – its “skeleton”;
  • Connecting and configuring the required program modules;
  • Creating website templates and their components (in HTML/XML format);
  • Inputting initial data;
  • Setting up the security policy (creating Web users, setting permissions);
  • Website testing;
  • Publishing a website on the Internet.

When the system integration is completed, the Client can proceed to Web content creation – on his own or with the help of developers.

The Clients section contains the links to the websites powered by KLARNET® CMS.